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How to top Google’s list

05 August, 2015

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It’s where every business wants to be.

Top of the Holy Grail list that is Google’s Search Results.

And we can help you get there: with some rather nifty SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

When people search online for a product or service they type a word or phrase into the search engine. What you want is for your company name to appear. You want to be top, or as close to the top, of that search engine as possible. Forget pages 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on…you want page 1 – or you’re done.

So how, we hear you ask – do you get to the top?

Enter ‘Keywords’.

Be it (preferably) in your URL or domain name - key words that are strategically engineered and positioned will ensure your brand cuts through. The more relevant key words that feature, the higher you climb.

But that’s not all…

To get the max bang for your buck, your content must strike right between the eyes - and the quicker the better. Waffle is not welcome here. Your brand could well get lost if you don’t simply ‘cut to the chase’.

So does your brand have the ranking factor?

Will it outperform all others to reach the top of Google’s search results? If you’re shaking your head or perhaps feeling a tad confused by all this SEO, rank, file and order stuff, then come and talk to us!

We know the world of the web inside out.

We’d be delighted to create a new website for you, a slick online solution where you can engage and interact with your customers - and ensure you’re always top of their list. To reach your full e-marketing potential:

Be brave; and be prepared to grow

31 July, 2015

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When you’re uber busy running your business, doing day-to-day tasks, sorting invoices, keeping the wheels of your commercial enterprise turning, your website may not be particularly front of mind.

But the reality is – it should be.

These days, it’s where 95% of customers go first. It’s where people ‘check you out’, see if you’re a forward-thinking kind of company, someone they can relate to.

Oh yes, your online profile can say a lot more about you than you might think. So if it’s not up to scratch, you could be losing business.

Free evaluation of your current website

Alas, help is very much at hand. And it won’t cost you a penny!

We’re a team of passionate professionals who love all things web. We’ll evaluate your current site – free of charge - and tell you how we think it can be improved, become more customer-friendly, more interactive and more engaging.

We think your website should work as hard as you do! And that can only lead to more customers, so talk to us today.

Connect online anytime

We’re also a dab hand at digital - so we can keep your online profile live on a regular basis for you with our team at 360 Connect.

How to write compelling web content

17 July, 2015

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Attention Please! How to write compelling web content

People are busy. 

Not just ‘9 to 5, pick the kids up, what’s for dinner’ type busy. People are really busy. They certainly don’t have time to sit and read through reams and reams of content.

Skimmers & Scanners

They are Skimmers and Scanners. They’ll quickly skim the surface of content or scan the site for relevant words. They want to get to the point.
And so therefore, shall I.

If you’re writing web content, long-winded is NOT the way to go.

Bite-size Info Chunks

Web visitors want sharp, fast bite-size chunks.

They want key words, snazzy sub heads, short paragraphs, phrases that will jump out of the screen and hit them straight in the face. Oh, and leave the jargon at the door (unless you’re a jargon site).

So if you’ve got a message to deliver, a product to promote or some news to shout about – the rule of thumb is – keep it short, precise and concise.


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